Das Gold Der Liebe

Shore Gallery, Vienna

“Das Gold Der Liebe” is an exhibition as a pornology. It fantasizes about empires in decline, and damaged bodies. The positions it features are heterogeneous and sometimes contradictory but think, pastiche or disrupt a libidinal horizon in the “East.” Romance novels, conversations between disciples and students, dirty tabloids, pornographic genre scenes, intimate and jerky photographs, philosophical torture texts, all rely on a holy trinity: desire, power, value. In this small disjunctive theater and perverse cabinet, the bodies become “Living Money” and “worth for any body.” The representations of desires are thus taken as revealing histories, economies and geographies. “Das Gold Der Liebe” is a room of obsessional images where the sexual act functions as a founding narrative.

2022: It was during a workshop in the Czech Republic that the painter Anna Mária Beňová from Bratislava began this series of paintings with gloomy eroticism after her teacher asked her if she came from a bigoted family. Accustomed to depicting genre scenes from the pornographic industry, Anna Mária Beňová, illustrates with this series the porn-kink of Family Affairs or simulated incest. Marked by a form of grotesque, her canvases with lacustrine or mustard yellow hues seem to espouse a universe of neuroses and cursed images. Sometimes a ghostly figure disappears in the glaze, elsewhere the smile is frozen as in a masturbatory introduction scene that is too long, in another painting the actors become body-cases or body-furniture à la Allen Jones. His grating and eye offensive paintings are as much sick pastiches as pale simulacra of a culture of the pornographic image omnipresent in the contemporary world.

Curator of the exhibition:
Pierre-Alexandre Mateos & Charles Teyssou